Why Advertise Online?

The Internet caters to an expanding market that shouldn’t be neglected, and this technology has given businesses of all sizes more room to expand and develop. Businesses extends their advertising strategies using the internet because it undoubtedly reaches a large market that Tri-media once monopolized. When you advertise online, you are opening your business up to a wide array of audiences, and of course, expansion. Your advertisement will be available for viewing online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a lengthy duration. You can’t say that for other media already bursting with ads that often prove unworthy of their costly rates.

Kaagapaymo.org offers a range of targeted advertising solutions, from web banners and buttons to text messages on web pages. Advertisements are shown on the entire site, or only in specific sections.

Why you should advertise at KaagapayMo.Org

KaagapayMo.Org is not only for Filipinos who want to work abroad but also to those who wish to migrate. Kaagapay Mo will also be useful to OFWs and migrants with articles to help them cope up with their environment. KaagapayMo.Org can be utilized by Filipinos who want to go abroad and those are already abroad. Your ads will be strategically placed in the website for all visitors to see. KaagapayMo.Org has a specific target market and advertising with us does not merely mean advertising to a large faceless crowd but focusing on those who certainly needs your service/product.

Currently Industry-standard size of 468×60 pixels is supported. Other sizes are available:

Pricing Display

-Leaderboard 728 x 90 65,520 pixels (Full Banner) $300/week
-Medium Rectangular 728 x 90 65,520 pixels (top) $55 CPM
-Medium Rectangular 300 x 250 – 75,000 pixels or 14 percent larger than the 728 (top) $55 CPM
-Medium Rectangular 300 x 250 – 75,000 pixels or 14 percent larger than the 728 (bottom) $40 CPM
-Animated ads are acceptable, as long as it is 300KB or less

Both .jpeg and .gif files are accepted; including animated or interlaced banners with JavaScript or HTML. Active X and Server Side Includes (SSI) advertisements are NOT supported.
Please remember to include the alt text and the destination address link when sending banner ad graphics. We can accept your ad as a linked or directly attach image file in an email. You must provide the banner for review no less than 5 business days prior to ad date.
Do you need to have a banner ad created? We can make recommendations on designers or create a simple ad in-house for an extra fee.

You are welcome to use the contact form below.

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