Duly accomplished passport application form (no photo needed)

Original passport for renewal

Copy of passport for renewal


Get an appointment by SMS or email

Apply in person at the Embassy.

Submit the required documents (a-c) to the Consular Section counter no. 1 for verification and processing and issuance of invoice.

Pay the required fee at the cashier and receive your number.

Proceed to the enrolment or data capturing area and wait for your turn.


IMPORTANT: Before signing the print-out of your ePassport application form, please make sure that all the data included therein are true and correct. Once you have signed the computer generated form, any erroneous data that will appear later on in your ePassport would be considered as your responsibility. This means that you can be charged the full ePassport fee for the issuance of a new ePassport to correct such error.

Visit the homepage of the Embassy website ( and click on “New ePassports” to check if your ePassport is available and ready for releasing.


NOTE: To claim your new ePassport, bring your old passport (for cancellation) and your invoice as proof of payment to the Consular Section counter no. 3.

Consular Fee: SR240.00



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