20 June 2012

His Excellency Jejomar C. Binay

Vice President

Republic of the Philippines


We, the officers of Kaagapay Mo advocacy group in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, would like to thank you for the time you gave to us in spite of your hectic schedule.

When we were informed that you are going to meet us tonight and we would like to take this chance to humbly seek your assistance in the following major cases we want to bring to your attention.

  • Provide Air-conditioning Unit, hospital bed and basic medical equipment’s to be utilized in one of the empty rooms in the consulate headquarters for use in emergency cases being brought to the consulate.  The room will be used as temporary holding area for some cases, like for female OFWs who are in labor and would be moved to a maternity hospital.  Or those who are ill but is waiting to be admitted to hospital like in the case of the late OFW Cecilia Noblado
  • We need your help regarding the 19 OFWs who have a pending case against their employer at Aljouf in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom.  They have been waiting for repatriation for months.  They were advised that the next hearing will take place after 40 days.  These OFWs have no means of resources and are suffering without provision.  They need food and supplies.
  • Your assistance on the case of battered OFW (Her name is Rosita Banca) and is currently staying at the FWRC in the consulate.  We do not believe that sending her home is the right action. How about justice?  For her to be sent home without pursuing justice will send a signal to other OFWs that the government is adamant to pursue the rights of the OFW in favor of political gain.  This will bring the morale of the OFW down.It is our opinion that the Consulate, POLO and OWWA should work together to give her the JUSTICE she deserve.

Her story was shown in GMA news program and other online news. http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/256514/pinoyabroad/owwa-battered-pinay-maid-in-saudi-escapes-from-employershttp://www.gmanetwork.com/news/video/118185/ofw-sa-saudi-na-pinagmalupitan-ng-mag-asawang-amo-humihingi-ng-hustisya

  • Assist in easing the financial burden of the Philippine Consulate in paying the dues it incurred in the Hajj terminal caused by housing Filipinos for repatriation.   An estimated 5,900 Filipinos have again registered to be repatriated under the recent amnesty; however the amount to be paid has to be settled.

We are submitting this written request to your office in the hope of receiving your utmost help and assistance.

Any development in this regard, will be shared among the almost 13,000 members in www.facebook.com/KaagapayngBawatOFW  a group who will be more than eager to learn how government agencies are meeting up with the needs of the community in Saudi Arabia.

Respectfully Yours,

Kaagapay ng Bawat OFW







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